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viernes, 13 de junio de 2008

T.E.D.D & Pink Elephants on Parade

Hi again!
Well, we have a lot of cool news to write about, but right now we are on a train station ready to spend 4 f%ckin' hours in a bus for elfs. Anyway, yesterday we were with Bloody Beetroots, right now the coolest, kindest and funniest guys alive, talking about refrigerators, punk rock, junos and onions... They fuckin' rocked da haus on Globo yesterday. Worth it to come from Valencia to see them.
Anyway, we will talk further about our lovely italianos, right now we are about to introduce you these kids that, well, if electronic music would be made by live musicians, would be the A Perfect Circle of "Bangerism" (rockers will understand this example). something like Justice Drummer + Grum Keyboards + SebastiAn Bassist + Bloody Beetroots singer-frontman-attitude guy.
They appeard on Grum's NLLR mix and his track Sneak really catch our attention... enough to look thru all blogs, myspace and finally find them here.
So... we were really about remixing some track as a personal joy to be dropped on the dancefloor soon, and we choose on of his tracks. Hope you like it too.

T.E.D.D - Sneak (Zshare)

T.E.D.D - PNS (Pink Elephants on Parade rework) (Zshare)

Ok guys, have a nice weekend, enjoy our music and eat some speakers.

Your new favourite messiahs!
Your free to have a word in our comments.

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